A family leads a peaceful and disciplined life

A family leads a peaceful and disciplined life

Question: How can a man having a family lead a peaceful and disciplined life?


Francis Bacon (1561-1626) is the great master of practical wisdom in the field of English essays. His essay ”Of marriage and Single Life” here, he has provided some suggestion that how a man having a family lead a peaceful and disciplined life. His advice is practical and replete with morality. There is some way of having a family lead a peaceful and disciplined life these are mentioned below.

Marriage helps to be a responsible man

Marriage is the most common experience of human beings but it has a great significance to human life. A married person is usually a responsible person than an unmarried person. Because he knows very well that he has a family and he has to take care of them. so, a responsible person is always happy and disciplined.

Marriage supports to take financial liabilities

Marriage is a popular subject to human life from time of immemorial. Marriage is like a disciplined web where a man learns how to take financial liabilities.

”wives are young men’s mistresses; companions for middle age; and old men’s nurses”.

 By this expression, Bacon has upheld the importance of marriage.

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Maintenance of a good relationship

A married person keeps good relation with his wife and the family members where he belongs. we know that a good relationship brings happiness.

Marriage impediments to great enterprises

The wives and children are impediments to great enterprises. A married person does not take risks for a national crisis. It makes a man disciplined and peaceful.


To sum up, we can be concluded that marriage is important to every human being. In our religion, it has to emphasize much on marriage for being peaceful and disciplined.

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