Analyze the character of Jack in Lord of the Flies

Question: Analyze the character of Jack in Lord of the Flies.


William Golding’s (1911-1993) “Lord of the Flies” is a novel in which Jack is a fascinating character. Golding turns him from a beloved boy into a terrifying and reckless young man. We can explore how this change takes place.

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As a civilized people

At the start of the book, Jack is still trying to be civilized and wants to be seen as good, when Ralph says that the conch has as much validity on the mountain as down below on the platform. Jack agrees with this. He says that he is in agreement with Ralph so far as the enforcement of rules is concerned. He says-

“I agree with Ralph. We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we are not savages. We’re English and the English are best at everything.”

Desire for power

Jack’s first interaction with the other boys on the island is a leader of the boys. Jack’s behavior develops again when he begins to challenge Ralph’s authority on the island. When the boys are discussing who will go up the mountain and find the beast Jack says he will go.

It has definitely been asked in a challenging and sarcastic tone. Jack eventually gets what he wants and becomes the head of all the boys. Jack will be able to prove to the boys that he is their brave new leader. This is a fascinating situation so he can wrestle control from Ralph and lead the group.

The representative of savagery and violence

Intensely intentional, egoistic Jack represents an instinct for barbarism and violence. We see this when his hunting job starts to take over his mind. He manages a group of boys after they kill the pig and starts a war dance around the carcass chanting.

“Kill the pig, cut her throat, and bash her in.”

The chant manifests how savage they have become under Jack’s instructions.

Representing the dark side of human nature

Jack represents evil and violence, the dark side of human nature. His main interest is hunting. His domain is the emotions, which rule and fuel his animal nature.

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Finally, it can be said that such a character Golding shows a picture of the horror and barbarism of the war.

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