Bacon gives practical advice to the readers

Bacon gives practical advice to the readers

Question: What practical advice does Bacon give to the readers?


Francis Bacon (1561-1626) is one of the prose writers in the history of English literature especially in the field of essays. He is considered the great master of practicality. He has provided some practical advice in his essays to the readers these are.

Marriage should be based on the character

Bacon’s essays have been replete with a practical suggestion. In his essay ” Of Marriage and Single Life” here, he has advised that character is very important for marry of a man and woman. He insisted to say that we should not marry a person who is notorious in behavior also shown the significance of marriage and wives.

”Wives are young men’s mistresses; companions of middle age; and old men’s nurses”.

The way of study

Bacon is not only a writer but also a guide for his readers. In his essay ”Of Study” where we get a proper guideline on how to study. In what way we can improve our mental ability and practical knowledge. He suggests that a learner should reading, writing, and conference for getting proper benefits from the study. The quoted line bears the meaning of above mention discussion.

”Reading maketh a full man; conference a ready man; and writing an exact man”

Advice to an aspirant to power

In Bacon’s essay “The Great Place’’ here he has given some suggestions to the aspirants. when one is rising to a high position, make use of crooked methods and joins sides. But after reaching the position, one should become neutral. The memory of predecessors should be respected. Colleagues should be dealt with in a considerate manner. One should be free of self-importance and not let the consciousness of one’s position enter into one’s private conversations. So that people may say that he is a different man when discharging his official duties.

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Love deprives a man of wisdom

The essay “Of Love” denotes some practical advice that is a man should not waste too much time on love affairs as the story of Paris and Helen illustrates, Paris by choosing Helen lost his wisdom and riches. “That it is impossible to love and to be wise”. So, love results in the loss of wisdom and riches.


In fine, we can say that Bacon has advised some practical and moral suggestions in his essays that are ever lasted in our practical life.

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