Bacon never fails to attract the readers

Bacon never fails to attract the readers

Question: Why do you think that Bacon’s essays never fail to attract the readers?

Or, discuss the reasons for Bacon’s popularity.


Francis Bacon (1561-1626) is the most attractive and influential essayist of English literature. His essays are the fruits of his observation of life. As a writer, his fame mostly depends on the fact that he is the father of modern English prose. Intellectual and moral development has been possible through his essays. Bacon presents the eternal hunger of human beings for knowledge. Here we discover the reasons for which Bacon is ever successful.

Simplicity and precision

The most striking reason for Bacon’s success is his simplicity and precision. He has set a new standard of simplicity and precision in English literature through his essays. There is no ambiguity or complexity in his expressions. A huge idea has been expressed very precisely in his essays that is why it is considered that another essay or at least a paragraph can be developed from each sentence of his essays. A quotation from the essay “Of Marriage and Single Life” can be cited to prove his simplicity and precision:

“Unmarried men are best friends, best masters, best servants;

but not always best subjects”

The above quotation is so simple and precise, but the idea is illustrative. So, it is convincing for Bacon’s permanent popularity.

Suggestive nature

There is no single essay of Bacon which does not bear any suggestion. According to critics, Bacon is a writer of inspiration and commitment because of his suggestive nature. His essays such “Of Studies, Of Marriage and Single Life, Of Love, Of Revenge, Of Truth, Of Plantation or Of Great Place” carry topic-based suggestions and guidelines for the world.

“A man who studieth revenge keeps his own wounds green.”

This precise and simple sentence of the essay “Of Revenge” argues that a man who studies revenge can never come out of his bad thinking. There is no other essayist in the world who has been able to create such a wide range of topic-based suggestions.

Compendiums of worldly wisdom

Bacon is a realist. He has looked upon human beings as more to evil than to good. Whether he talks of marriage or love, study or travel, suitors or friendship or political affairs, he is always governed by a utilitarian attitude. He provides shrewd and intelligent advice. On these various topics, Bacon’s counsels are supported by the wide observation of men and manners. The essay “Of Truth” remarks that love for lies is inherent in human beings. This essay asserts that truth is not only important in the fields of philosophy and religion but also in day to day life. Thus, one can gain sagacity by studying Bacon’s essays.

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Morality and ethical standards

The utilitarian attitude colors Bacon’s morality too. His essays mostly offer counsels of a practical nature ignoring high moral ideals. He hardly ever recommends an ideal morality. Yet Bacon could not be said to be a depraved man. A man of such a keen intellect could not but be aware of elevated thoughts and ethical standards.

“Revenge is a kind of wild justice, which the more man’s nature runs to,

the more ought law to weed it out.”

Ever common topics

There is a shrewd sense of observation and keen insight into human nature and behavior in the essays of Bacon which are really common topic-based. In the essay “Of Truth”, Bacon says that men love to tell lies. He goes on to give an explanation through his observation. The explanations which have been given by Bacon in his essays are completely convincing.

Political affairs

Bacon is highly popular in political affairs too. His essays “Of Great place” and “Of plantation” superbly discuss political affairs.

“Planting of countries is like planting of woods.”

Thus, Bacon hints financial benefits of colonization which signifies an acute political affair.

Master of figures of speech

Bacon is a genius popular essayist for his mastery over figures of speech. His quotations, misquotations, paradoxical statement, and use of Latin and Greek phrases contribute much to preserve Bacon’s popularity among the readers.


Now we are to say that Bacon is a man of versatile knowledge and his essays abound in wisdom. The essays show Bacon’s immense observation and experience of human life and affairs. So, his talent has made him an ever successful essayist generation after generation.

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