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Batter My Heart is a famous sonnet by the famous metaphysical poet John Donne. Read the Batter My Heart summary here.

The poem “Batter My Heart – Three-Personed God” is a sonnet that is a part of the Holy Sonnets series. It can also be called a prayer poem. It was probably written between 1609-1611. In this poem, the poet prays to God to save him from Satan.


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First, the poet begins the poem by seeking help from the three-person God. The poet is plagued and corrupted by various sins. He wants to get rid of his sinful condition. Even after committing so many sins, he is breathing, getting light and air because the Creator is treating him with enough mercy. But he is not worthy of so many blessings of the creator. So he is praying to Him to break him down and make him new. Just as blacksmiths burn and hammer iron into a new form, so may he be made anew.

Then the poet compares himself to a city that has been captured by enemies. In other words, the poet’s heart has been taken over by Satan. His conscience has also become corrupt. He is not getting rid of his sins despite his efforts. The poet loves the creator and wants to receive his love. But he is hindered by his enemy (Satan). He prays to break him free from Satan’s spell. He seeks the mercy of the Lord Almighty and wants to surrender himself to Him. Because he knows that if the Lord does not favor him, he will never be free from Satan.

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