Write about the birth and parentage of Robinson Crusoe.

Write about the birth and parentage of Robinson Crusoe.

Introduction: Robinson Crusoe, whose father was a German and mother was an English woman, was born in 1632 in the English city of York.

Crusoes father: His father’s original name was Kreutznaer, was a merchant in the profession. He was a foreigner who had first settled at Hull where he had made a good deal of money as a trader and then shifted to York. Here he got married to an English family.

Title of his name: Crusoe was given the name “Robinson Kreutznaer” in accordance with his father’s name. But that very name had later been changed to “Robinson Crusoe” for the usual distortion of words in England.

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Crusoes Brothers: Crusoe had two brothers; one was Lieutenant Colonel, killed at the battle near Dunkirk against Spaniards. And Crouse knew very little about what happened to his second brother actually because he had never seen his parents talking much about his second brother. 

The adventurous tendency of Crusoe: In his early life, he was full of desire to wander abroad, but his father wanted him to study law.  Besides when he told his father that he wants to go to the sea, his father strongly opposed his wish. According to his father, only very poor or rich people went abroad to seek adventure. But finally, Crusoe escaped from home and went abroad once.

Conclusion: So, we can say that Crusoe’s life was a very adventurous life because he struggled with adventurous

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