Brief Question Introduction to Poetry

Part – A

  • What is the meaning of the phrase “good morrow”?

Ans. Good morning

  • ‘Thus, I entered, and I go’ who is the speaker?

Ans. This line happens in the poem “The Patriot”. So, the patriot is the speaker of the line.

  • What kind of freedom does Tagore want for his countrymen?

Ans. Tagore wants heavenly freedom for his countrymen.

  • Name the places connected by the river in “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”.

Ans. Manhattan and Brooklyn.

  • Why does Shelley call the west wind ‘preserver’?

Ans. Shelley calls the west wind preserver because the west wind preserves the seeds by driving them underground till they germinate. It also has a symbolic meaning that the west wind will decorate the world removing all kinds of malfunctions.

  • What type of poem is “Because I Could not Stop for Death”?

Ans. A narrative mystic poem.

  • Name the wife of “Home Burial”.

Ans. Amy.

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  • What is onomatopoeia?

Ans. Onomatopoeia is a figure of speech which stands for something that is identified by sound.

  • How does Keats define Autumn?

Ans. As a season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

  • What is the subtitle of Shakespeare’s ‘Sonnet- 18’?

Ans. “Shall I Compare Thee to a Summer’s Day”.

  • What is sonnet?

Ans. A lyric poem of fourteen iambic pentameter lines.

  • Who is the maker in Milton’s “On His Blindness”?

Ans. Almighty God whom Milton wants to serve by his poetic genius.

  • What is the metaphysical conceit?

Ans. Metaphysical conceit means far-fetched comparison between two different things.

  • Name the figure of speech in the line “Ten thousand saw I at a glance”.

Ans. Hyperbole.

  • To which literary age does E. B. Browning belongs to?

Ans. Victorian Age.

  • What is the poem “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry” about?

Ans. Connection among all things and beings of the world without time limit.

  • What is mysticism?

Ans. Mysticism is a secret communion with God through meditation.

  • What was the child under the piano?

Ans. The child was poet himself in his boyhood.

  • What does pike symbolize?

Ans. Pike symbolizes the inborn violent nature within human beings.

  • What are the riders of the carriage “Because I Could not Stop for Death”?

Ans. Death, Immortality and the poet himself.

  • What is Shamble’s gate?

Ans. A place where public execution is done.

  • What is platonic love?

Ans. Platonic love means spiritual love without physical relationship.

  • What is the message of the poem “To Daffodils”?

Ans. Inevitability of death.

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  • Name figure of speech of the line “I Will Drink life to the Lease”?

Ans. Metaphor.

  • What type does Yeats pray for his daughter?

Ans. Medium beauty with no rough characteristic features.

  • What is Fern Hill?

Ans. The farm house of Dylan Thomas’s aunty Annie Jones.

  • What type of fish is pike?

Ans. Pike is a carnivorous fish.

  • What type of poem is “To Autumn”?

Ans. Ode.

  • What is the full name of Shelley?

Ans. Percy Bysshe Shelley.

  • What is meant by the phrase “darling buds”?

Ans. Blooming flowers.

  • Who was Cromwell?

Ans. A puritan leader of England.

  • What was the ‘wealth’ that the dancing daffodils brought to the speaker?

Ans. Blessings and healing power.

  • What are the themes of the poem “To Autumn”?

Ans. Inevitability of death and the beauty of nature.

  • Who was Telemachus?

Ans. Son of Ulysses.

  • What is Troy?

Ans. According to Greek Mythology, Troy is a city where the Trojans and Greeks fought a destructive battle.

  • What is ‘patience’ in the poem “On His Blindness’?

Ans. Best way of submission to God.

  • Who was Ulysses?

Ans. King of Ithaca.

  • What is scaffold?

Ans. Scaffold is a high stage where someone is executed by hanging or beheading.

  • Who is ‘Portuguese’ for Robert Browning?

Ans. E. B. Browning.

  • What type of poem is “Crossing Brooklyn Ferry”?

Ans. Philosophical romantic poem.

  • What type of work is “Ulysses”?

Ans. A poem written in a dramatic monologue.

  • When did Milton lose his eyesight?

Ans. Milton lost his eyesight in 1652 at the middle age.

  • Who is maenad?

Ans. Female flowers of Bacchus

  • What does daffodils symbolize in the poem “To Daffodils”?

Ans. Daffodils symbolizes the ephemerality of human life.

  • What is sensuousness?

Ans. Five human senses such as sight, hearing, smelling, touch and taste.

  • Who is Penelope?

Ans. Wife of Ulysses.

  • What is the nationality?

Ans. American.

  • Who is zoo laureate?

Ans. Ted Hughes.

  • Who is Helen?

Ans. According to Greek Mythology, Helen is the most beautiful woman of the world.

  • Whom does Tagore address by ‘my father’?

Ans. God.

  • What does Shakespeare mean by eye of heaven?

Ans. Sun

  • What is the bliss of solitude according to Wordsworth?

Ans. Daffodils are the bliss of solitude according to Wordsworth.

  • What is pantheism?

Ans. Pantheism is a doctrine in which every object of nature is considered to be God.

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  • Who was Achilles?

Ans. Achilles was the great hero of the Trojan war.

  • What happened to the pikes kept in the jar?

Ans. The poet and his friend kept three pikes in the jar but finally they noticed that there was a pike in the jar. So, the mighty fish ate the other weakfish.

  • Who serves God best, according to Milton?

Ans. He who bears his mild yoke serves him best.

  • Who are the cavalier poets?

Ans. The group of poets who wrote poetry in support of Charles 1. Robert Herrick is one of the cavalier poets.

  • What is the main theme of the poem “Pike”?

Ans. Might is right or survival of the fittest.

  • What are the major themes of the poem “Ulysses”?

Ans. Perseverance, dissatisfaction and mortality.

  • Who was Maud Gonne?

Ans. The most beautiful beloved of W. B. Yeats.

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