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  1. What is a report?

Ans. A report is an investigative account of a particular matter in form of an official document.

  • What is a business or commercial letter?
    Ans. A letter that deals with business issues and information.
  • What is an appendix?
    Ans. An appendix is a section or table of additional matter at the end of a book or document.
  • What is coherence?
    Ans. Coherence means logical and ordered thinking in writing.
  • What is cohesion?
    Ans. Cohesion refers to the unity of sentences in writing in a proper order.
  • What is plagiarism?
    Ans. Plagiarism means the practice of stealing someone’s writing and claiming that it is one’s own writing.
  • What are the stages or five stages of the writing process?
    Ans. Prewriting, drafting, revision, editing, and publishing.
  • What is skimming?
    Ans. Skimming is the process of reading or studying for the purpose of achieving the main ideas of a piece of writing.
  • What is brainstorming?
    Ans. Brainstorming is the process of generating ideas or new ideas for writing.
  • What is an embargo date?
    Ans. The embargo date is related to a news publication. It means that the news should not be published before the referred date.

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  • Define minutes.
    Ans. Minutes are the summarized records of the activities or proceedings at a meeting.
  • What is a bibliography?
    Ans. A bibliography is the list of books or other resources that are referred to in a scholarly work such as essays, term papers, websites, books, etc.
  • What is a term paper?
    Ans. A term paper is a research paper written by students over an academic term.
  • What linkers are used in a process paragraph?
    Ans. First, second, third, fourthly, next, at least, finally, etc.
  • What does CV stand for?
    Ans. CV stands for curriculum vitae.
  • What are the types of essays?
    Ans. Narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive are the major types of essays.
  • What is terminator in a composition or paragraph?
    Ans. Terminator is the concluding sentence which summarizes the contents of the writing.
  • Define terminators.
    Ans. Terminators are concluding sentences that summarize the contents or writing.
  • What is drafting?
    Ans. Drafting is the stage of the writing process during which a writer organizes information or ideas into sentences or paragraphs.
  • What is a news report?
    Ans. News report is an investigation of the news published in the newspaper.
  • What is a press release?
    Ans. A press release is an official statement issued to newspapers giving information on a particular matter.
  • What is file?
    Ans. A file is a record or collection of papers arranged chronologically on a particular subject.
  • What is an intro?
    Ans. The intro usually means the first paragraph of a news copy.
  • What is an index?
    Ans. An index is an alphabetically arranged list of items or chapters. It is added at the beginning or by the end of a book.
  • Why are discourse markers needed in writing?
    Ans. The discourse markers such as however, therefore, further, furthermore, etc. are needed in writing to connect the ideas.
  • What is the function or purpose of notice?
    Ans. The function of notice is to announce information for a particular group.
  • What is a briefing note?
    Ans. A briefing note is a quick decision-maker on an issue.
  • What is scanning?
    Ans. Scanning means a reading process in which a reader can find out answers quickly avoiding unrelated information.
  • What are the parts of the survey report?
    Ans. Introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • What is a memorandum?
    Ans. Memorandum is a note or record that contains information about a particular matter.
  • What are the linkers used in writing an example paragraph?
    Ans. For example, for instance, that is, that is why, etc.
  • What do you mean by connectors?
    Ans. Connectors are words or phrases which connect ideas or sentences with other ideas or sentences.
  • What are the parts of the survey report?
    Ans. Introduction, body, and conclusion.
  • What is a memo?
    Ans. Memo is the short form of the memorandum which is a note or record that contains information about a particular matter. It is sent by a person to a person or department for doing the work according to the direction.
  • What is a letter of complaint?
    Ans. A complaint letter is a type of letter which is written to expose wrong doings. The purpose of this letter is to concern one about illegal things.
  • What is a cover letter?
    Ans. The cover letter is a brief formal letter that bears another document that is sent to the recipient.
  • What is an informal letter?
    Ans. An informal letter is a letter that is written to communicate with relatives or friends.
  • What is a formal letter?
    Ans. A formal letter means an official letter. The other name of the formal letter is the application.

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  • What is paragraph?
    Ans. Paragraph is a distinct sections of writing dealing with a single theme.
  • What is topic sentence?
    Ans. Topic sentence is the first sentence of paragraph that tells about the main idea of a paragraph.
  • What are the types of paragraph?
    Ans. Descriptive, narrative, listing, process, example, argumentative, persuasive, contrast, compare and contrast and expository.
  • What is expository paragraph?
    Ans. Expository paragraph is a kind of paragraph that deals with a topic how something happens step by step.
  • What is process paragraph?
    Ans. A process paragraph tells how to do something or how something is done. The title of process paragraph is such that “How to make a cup of tea”.
  • What are parts of a paragraph?
    Ans. Topic sentence, development of body or modulators and concluding sentences.
    Brief questions on essay:
  • What is an essay?
    Ans. An essay is a short piece of writing on a specific topic in which the author provides his own arguments which are gained from real experience.
  • What are the major four type of essays?
    Ans. Narrative, descriptive, expository and persuasive essays.
  • What are the parts of an essay?
    Ans. Introduction or thesis statement, development of body based on several paras and conclusion.
  • What is thesis statement?
    Ans. Thesis statement means three to five introductory sentences of an essay which declares the main idea of an essay.
  • What is persuasive essay?
    Ans. A type of essay in which the essayist convinces the readers to accept his arguments and logics.
  • What is an expository essay?
    Ans. An expository essay is a type of essay in which the author has to present his ideas based on investigation, evaluation and concise manner step by step.

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