Central message of Auden’s poetry

 Wystan Hugh Auden (1907-1973) has written more than four hundred poems throughout his poetic career. He writes poetry based on several themes like realistic love, nature, psychology, and religion. But in every single poem of Auden, there is a central message and the message is blessedness.   

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Life may pass under imperfect conditions. But no doubt, life remains under blessing forever. The characters of Auden’s poetry may face problems, but Auden provides remedies through the speaker. Thus, the problems come to an end. But Auden provides the universal truth that is usually declined by many celebrated poets. And the truth is human lives on this earth under the blessing of God.   

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As a follower of Marx, Auden reflects on the theories of Marx. His experimental philosophy reveals that life remains a blessing. Auden as a follower of Marx uses many of his poems. He cherished this belief by heart. Actually, Auden expresses religious love throughout his poems. When a poet expresses his religious love, he exposes that life is a blessing. Life is blessed under God’s grace.  

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