The character of Linda in Brave New World

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Brave New World (1932) is a novel based on science fiction. In here, we find Linda as a minor character. But her role in the novel is significant. She is a beta- minus female that is a lower class, among the 5 classes of the world state. Linda’s normal moral world consists of equal parts of recreational sex and soothing drugs. But suddenly she has to face the harsh realities of life.

The character of Linda in Brave New World

 Linda, as the victim of fate

 At the very beginning of the novel, the dramatist, Aldous Huxley has highlighted that the tragic flaw of Linda’s life has been displayed. She along with the director of the London Hatchery makes a visit to Savage Reservation. But accidentally gets separated from him. She falls from the top of a mountain and gets seriously injured. Some Indians find her and bring her to their village.  She becomes so embarrassed at becoming pregnant. There was no means of abortion in the Savage Reservation. later on, Linda gives birth to a child, John.   she doesn’t try to leave the Reservation and spent 20 years there.

 Linda as a dutiful mother

 Linda becomes so much passionate after giving birth to her child, John. She becomes totally a dutiful mother. She starts to educate her son. She never neglects her. For John, she feels an intense mixture of love and revulsion. She starts to educate John with the knowledge that she has gained in the world state.

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Affinity to the sex of Linda

 In the World state are no families and people have sex with each other at will, mothers in Malpais still give birth to children, and it is normal for people to engage in monogamy. Linda is brought up through the situation. So, In Savage Reservation, she makes a sexual relationship with the husbands of the village women. So finally she is boycotted by the villagers.

 Linda’s role in social reformation

 Bernard brings Linda along with John to London. Everything is exposed by Bernard. But Linda becomes ill and receives soma to get relief from heartful pain. Now, Linda throws herself into soma holidays, shortening her life by her addiction. Overdose of soma leads her to death. John becomes furious about the death of her mother for the overdose of soma. He becomes a rebel against soma and wants to remove soma from society.


From the light of the above discussion, we may say though Linda is a minor character, she plays an important role throughout the novel “Brave New World”. We can take  Linda out of the dystopia, but you can’t take the dystopia out of Linda.

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