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Introduction: Rahima is one of the most essential and promising characters in the novel “Tree without Roots.” Her vital role represents her dedication to her husband based on religious norms.  Let’s discuss the character of Rahima:

Obedient to Majeed

She is just a follower of Majeed in every manner. She believes in Majeed’s self-imposed miraculous power. Though there is no doubt about her, he is often haunted by doubt and hesitation. She believes in her husband’s miraculous power. She never reacts or gets angry with her husband, whatever happens. She never tries to judge her husband’s activities as good or bad what he does.

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Physically strong 

Rahima is introduced as a strong and more than a strong woman in “Tree without Roots”. She has unbelievable arm power even than four to five men. In the novel, there is an incident where Rahima alone carries the pot that several men cannot lift together. Majeed suffers from inner conflict and fear of exploiting ignorant people using religion. In this case, Rahima is quite strong.

Soft Hearted person

In the novel, we can get Rahima as a strong and physically resourceful woman. But she is very soft-hearted and cold-minded. She was fond of Majeed because she did not know the religion and superstitions of contemporary society. Not only for Majeed also has a soft corner for the villagers. She cannot take the villager’s sufferings. When any danger comes to the people of the village, especially the women, rush to Rahima to save them from the danger.

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Ideal Wife

Majid describes Rahima as an ideal housewife. Rahima is as beautiful as she is a hardworking woman. The novel shows that Rahima never disobeyed any of the Majeed’s instructions and never put-up prayers. Throughout the day, Rahima is busy with household chores and keeps track of her husband’s likes and dislikes. Rahima has appointed two maids for help as she cannot handle all the household chores alone. That’s why Majeed considers her the protector of his family. She loves and respects her husband so much that she never utters a word, even after his second marriage.

Childless Woman

Rahima is a childless woman. But she is so pleased with Majid that she refuses to blame him. Surprisingly, many village people come to Majid with various problems, but Rahima has never even requested Majid to have a child to date.

Treatment as a co-wife to Jamila

While Rahima was losing her beauty daily due to age, Majeed was drifting away from being attracted to her. That is why he married Jamila. But Jamila was much younger than both of them. And this is why Rahima never treated Jamila as her co-wife but treated her like a child. 

Finally, we can comment on Rahima as a consummate character whose existence spread over the novel “Tree without Roots.” Even other characters are influenced and rounded because of the character Rahima which leads her to become an essential character.

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