Write a short note on Delphic-Oracle

Introduction: Oedipus Rex (429 BC) by Sophocles (497/496-406/405 BC) is a masterpiece of Greek tragedy. It shows the sorrowful history of Oedipus. The Delphic oracle has a key position in the development of the play.

Delphic-Oracle: Delphi is known as the place of the ancient temple and oracle Apollo in Greece. It is situated on the slopes of Mount Parnassus. The highway of the Delphic oracle was very sleepy and difficult to climb. It was the source of divine communication.

The Message of the Delphic Oracle

The message of the Delphic oracle develops the plot of the play afoot. At first, the Delphic oracle prophecies, a child will birth in the house of king Laius and Jocasta but he will kill his father and will marry his own mother. Laius to avoid it handover his three days baby to a shepherd for killing on the mountainside in Parish.  But out of pity the shepherd hand over the child to the Corinthian shepherd. The shepherd gave it to the childless king of Corinth, Polybus.

Oedipus grows up in Corinth as own child of Polybus and Merope. One day, he knows from the Oracle of Delphi that he will kill his own father and marry his own mother. Hearing it, he flees and goes to Thebes. But the way of his journey Oedipus unknowingly kills his own father and marries his mother. Thus, the prophecy of the oracle of Delphi has come true.

In the last part of the play when Thebes is attracted by Plague and citizens come to Oedipus for solving the problem. Oedipus sent Creon to the oracle of Delphi to get any news. Creon brings the news that there is an unclean person polluting the soil of Thebes. The sufferings of the Theban people will be relieved only if the murderer of the late King, Laius, is expelled from the city.

Then Oedipus announced that anyway he will find out the killer of the late king Laius and will banish him from the city. He calls the blind prophet Teiresias; who knows about the killer of Laius. Though Teiresias knows the truth he refuses to disclose it because Oedipus himself is the killer of Laius. In this situation, Oedipus charges Teiresias that he has a conspiracy against Oedipus to dethrone him. besides, he rebukes him by saying sightless, brainless, etc. when Oedipus blames Teiresias without understanding the real matter. Hearing all Teiresias indirectly disclosed that Oedipus himself killed Laius. Finally, Oedipus calls himself the shedder of his father’s blood, the husband of his mother, and the begetter of brother-sons. Therefore, Oedipus is banished from the city.

Conclusion:  Now we can say, No one can avoid the prophecy of God or the Oracle. The various pronouncements of the Delphic oracle have been fulfilled in the play such as Laius being killed by his own son, Oedipus being the killer of his own father, and he becomes the husband of his own mother, and finally, as the killer of Laius is banished from Thebes.

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