Features of metaphysical poetry

Features of metaphysical poetry

Question: What is metaphysical poetry? Writhe the features of metaphysical poetry?


Metaphysical poetry concerned with the whole experience of man, but the intelligence and seriousness of poets mean that the poetry is about the profound areas of experience especially about love, faith, soul, death, man’s relationship with God. To put it differently, Metaphysic means abstract things. So, a metaphysical poem means a kind of lyric poem which deals with abstract ideas or things such as love, faith, religion, God etc.

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Features of metaphysical poetry:

  • Abrupt beginning

  • Abstract theme

  • Colloquial language

  • Regular rhyme scheme

  • Metaphysical logics and conceits

  • Use of allusion


So, we can say that metaphysics means a subject that deals with things, which do not have concrete shapes. In other words, metaphysics deals with abstract ideas.


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