Features of metaphysical poetry

Question: What are the features of metaphysical poetry?


John Donne (1572-1631) is one of the well-known poets in English literature. He is called ‘‘the father of metaphysical poetry’’. The metaphysical poem is a type of poem in which abstract ideas or themes such as love, faith, religion, God, etc. are composed.

Features of metaphysical poetry: There are many features in the metaphysical poem which are used by the metaphysical poet. Famous trends of metaphysical poems are given below:

Abrupt beginning: Metaphysical poem starts abruptly.

Abstract theme: metaphysical poem deals with the abstract idea.

Colloquial language: Colloquial language has been used in metaphysical poetry.

More Notes of poetry

Regular rhyme scheme: Regular rhyme scheme is used in metaphysical poetry.

Metaphysical logic and conceits: ”Logics and conceit” is also a feature of the metaphysical poem.

Use of allusion: Use of allusion has been seen in metaphysical poetry.


So, we can say that metaphysics means a subject that deals with things, which do not have concrete shapes. In other words, metaphysics deals with abstract ideas.

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