Functions of Ariel in The Tempest


Ariel is one of the influential characters in the comedy the tempest. He plays a vital role in the development of the drama. Ariel’s main function is to receive Prospero’s commands and execute them. 

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The functions of Ariel: 

He is a spirit of air and a slave of Prospero. He wants to get rid of slavery but he cannot because twelve years ago Prospero made him free from the magical force of Sycorax. Sycorax turned Ariel into a tree with her magical force. He is Longing for freedom  

He is a Faithful slave and Affectionate to Prospero. Through his own effort, he becomes the Chief lieutenant of Prospero. Sometimes he sings music for transporting the actors from one place to another, and he does it in the case of Ferdinand, Stephano, and Trinculo, a well-timed song of Ariel in Gonzalo’s carriage saves the sleeper from the murderer’s sword. As a scheming spirit, Ariel fools drunken schemers and revels in the fun. He also joins Prospero in punishing drunkards. Finally, he plays a vital role to bear the royal fleet to Naples.  At the end e of the play, we see Arial as a Pathetic personality and became free from Prospero’s Magic. 

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In short, we can say that Arial is a spirit of air but he plays an influential role in a play like a life-like character. 

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