Functions of Fanny Crowne in Brave New World

Fanny Crowne was the close friend of Lenina in the novel Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (1894-1963). Only ten thousand surnames were allowed to be the same in a dystopian world. The same surnames were frequent in the society of the world state.   

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  Fanny was a conventionalist. She was such a character, who pushed Lenina to have more relationships. She was the one, who pushed Lenina to flirt with John. However, John turned her away. Fanny convinced Lenina that it was not good to remain with one person for a long time.  

  She preserves a materialistic outlook. She dutifully takes her pills and pregnancy surrogates, is materialistic, and generally follows the rules. The author creates the character of Fanny so that Lenina had somebody to talk with and share her thoughts and feelings with.  

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  As far as the novel goes, Fanny becomes more narrative than the important characters. Her presence gives Lenina someone to talk to, which means we get to hear Lenina’s thoughts, and the way those thoughts might clash with the general opinion of World State citizens.  

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