How did Abdulla become the hero of the journey

Introduction: In ‘Petals Of Blood’ (1977), by Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o (1938- present), Abdullah is a shopkeeper who lost his leg in the Mau Mau Rebellion.  His main assets are his shop and her donkey, as well as a son, Joseph, whom he takes in and looks after as a brother.  He is the only main character who works with Mau Mau during the Rebellion.। 

Abdulla’s outstanding contribution to the journey toward the city makes him the unforgeable hero of the novel. First, he let his donkey pull the wagon carrying passengers and supplies.  Man becomes grateful for his donkey. Abdulla becomes an unparallel figure to the community’s people by walking on foot with his crippled legs instead of riding on the cart. Then Abdullah roused the people’s spirit by telling stories of brave battles against the colonizers. His heroic tale of the Kenyan war of independence earns him more respect from his companions, who begin to think of him as an extraordinary being.  Abdulla lost his leg in the fight. This is why Wanja thinks that his crippled leg is nothing but “a badge of courage indelibly imprinted on his body.” 

Finally, Abdullah becomes the subject of their attention by killing a deer with a catapult. Travelers feasted on the meat of deer he hunted at night. They begin to call it ‘Abdulla’s feast.’ Thus, Abdullah’s true personality emerges during the journey to the city.

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