How did Troilus win the love of Criseyde

At the very beginning of the poem ”Troilus and Criseyde”, it is seen that Troilus is the hater of love and woman. But suddenly he falls in love with Criseyde. She is a widow. It is ironic that a hater of love and woman how can become mad for the love of a widow. What did he see in her? And how he wins the love of Criseyde? There are several reasons behind this. 

The arrow of Cupid   : 

Troilus is the hater of love and he told those knights a fools who showed their affection towards women. That is why he is being shot an arrow by the God, Cupid. Troilus went to the temple in the ceremony of Palladium. Criseyde also went there. The effect of the arrow of Cupid in his heart arises in love for Criseyde.  

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The appearance of Criseyde:

Criseyde is a widow. But she is a woman of excellent beauty. She was in black clothes in the temple. Her appearance was like a goddess to Troilus. Her beauty and polite behavior win the heart of the proud knight. So, Troilus becomes mad at her. He said, 

O merciful God, thought he were hast thou woned 

That art so fair and goodly to devyse? 

The promise of Pandarus:

Pandarus is the loyal friend of Troilus and uncle of Criseyde. He realizes the madness of Troilus to conquer the love of Criseyde. So, he promised to help him in this case. Then Pandarus started to apply his techniques. First of all, Pandarus went to Criseyde and tried to make her realize the love and heroism of Troilus. Then he brought her to the house of Deiphebus.  

 The passion of Criseyde: 

In the house of Deiphebus, Troilus lay in a bed with a fever. Criseyde reluctantly visits the ailing Troilus. Then she informed Troilus about her love for him. Then Troilus also takes an oath that he will do everything for her with honor.  After that, both of them kissed passionately. At night both of them were in a room and enjoyed the heavenly pleasure of sex.  

Thus, Troilus wins the love of Criseyde. Their love was pure and faithful. But their tragedy takes a turn with the exchange of Criseyde for Antenor.  

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