How does Abbie prove her true love for Eben

How does Abbie prove her true love for Eben

Question: How does Abbie prove her true love for Eben?


“Desire Under the Elms” (1924) is a modern tragedy written by Eugene O’Neill (1888 – 1953). Abbie is the heroine of the play and step-mother of Eben. Eben is the hero of the play. At the end of the play, her passion turns into genuine love.

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A brief history of their love

From the first meeting, Eben hates her. But his revengeful tendency upon his father makes him a genuine lover of Abbie. They meet in the parlor to have sex and produce a son.

Sacrificing of her new-born child

After producing the child, Eben comes to know that all the property will go to the new-born baby and Abbie. Then he says to Abbie that:

“I wish he had never been born. I wish him to die this very minute…… Therefore, I hate the baby.”

He also threatens to leave her. Listening that Abbie kills her child to prove her love for Eben. She says:

“……..There is nothing now to come between us after what I have done.”

Thus, she proves her love for Eben.

Sacrificing of her farmhouse

Abbie wants to be the owner of the farmhouse. Cabot says that if she can give birth to a son by him, he will give her the farmhouse. However, she produces a son by Eben. But she kills the child to prove her love and loses her farmhouse.

Getting punishment

After killing the child, she takes her punishment going to prison without any hesitation. Whatever the situation, she proves his love for Eben.


From the light of the above discussion, it is clear that Abbie’s passion turns into true love.

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