How does Addison express his modest attitude?

Or, why do you think Addison has chosen to write?

Introduction: Joseph Addison is a great social reformer and a moralist. He wants to reform society through his writings. He mentions that by reading his work, people will know him as a worthy man. 

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Cause of writing: He does not work for his reputation. He works for social reformation. Besides, he cannot express himself verbally, so he wants to prove himself through his writing. He exclaims that he will continue his writing till his breathing. 

Aim of his writing: He has elected writing as a weapon to develop society and the people of society. Addison aims at social reformation to bring out improvement in the manner and behavior of people of his age. 

His audience and writing style

He likes to make his writings useful and simple for common people to grasp smoothly. He intended that kind of readers who are not so interested in life. 

His modesty: He does not want to disclose his identity to the readers. He does not expect to reveal himself as a great writer. He also wants to describe his inner relatives, friends, and the common people who have inspired him to write. He wants to do his work peacefully. He does not do any kind of partiality in his writing. 

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Conclusion: From the above writing, we can understand that the main purpose of his writing is to support the common people and reform the social system.

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