How does Valentine define love

Valentine gives a humorous explanation of love. The strange sensation that crosses the minds of men and women when they are in love. Valentine and Gloria are attracted to each other under the influence of vitality. 

Gloria wants a scientific explanation for this feeling as she is a rationalist. Valentine says that it is Nature that works through the hearts of men and women who are nothing but toys in the hands of Nature. Gloria is disagreeing with the working of life force as ‘love’. She thinks ‘love’ is a vulgar word for this feeling. 

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Valentine agrees with her. This sensation is something more than ‘love’ according to Valentine. He describes it in the laws of chemistry. We notice chemical compounds, chemical reactions, chemical bonds, etc in chemistry. In a chemical reaction, a new is always produced by mixing at least two elements. He tells her that the chemical system works in the relationship between men and women. Men and women are attracted to each other by indomitable chemical forces. Valentine illustrates that their relationship is like a chemical reaction. Because a new human being comes to this world through such a relationship. 

“No, no, no. Not love: we know better than that. Let’s call it Chemistry.” 

This is the scientific explanation of ‘love’ between man and woman. 

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