How does Valentine win the heart of Gloria

Question: How does Valentine win the heart of Gloria?


The duel of sex refers to men’s making devices to win the hearts of women and women’s attempt to resist the love by rationality. Valentine is a practical character who expresses his love through a scientific explanation of his love feeling.

Express of practicality

When Gloria learns that Valentine has already proposed to several women, she asks him directly and Valentine without any hesitation confesses that he has already proposed to several women. But it is the natural instinct of a man to propose to women for the purpose of finding out true partners. Now, he has got his perfect match that is why he does not anymore to propose anyone. But Gloria is not convinced. But Valentine explains when he saw Gloria; he felt that oxygen was running in his blood. Gloria also admits that she also felt so.

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The Chemist of Love

When Gloria wants an explanation of man-woman attraction for each other, Valentine describes it in terms of chemistry. Valentine also illustrates that their relationship is like a chemical reaction. In a chemical reaction, a new is always produced by mixing at least two elements. Likewise, the relationship between man and woman is prolific because a new human comes to this world through such a relationship.

Valentine’s love expression

Valentine told Gloria that his attack on the conflict of love is not conventional. He does not kneel in front of her. She doesn’t worship and adore her like a romantic lover. Instead, he hugs her tightly and kisses on her lips. Here, he applies his new method to overcome all the resistance of new women. His work is more direct and realistic and so he easily wins Gloria’s heart.


In termination, we can assert that Valentine wins Gloria’s heart by the expression of love.

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