How was Sir Roger disappointed in love?

How was Sir Roger disappointed in love?

Introduction: Sir Roger got enticed by a perverse widow at an early age. She had an ethereal disposition and was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. But he was failed in love by the widow. 

First Meeting: Sir Roger became the country sheriff when he was twenty-three years old, and then he met the widow. He worked there as a justice of the native courthouse. Once, when he was at the court, he found that the defendant was a beautiful widow. She came there to solve her property-related case. 

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Fall in love: Sir Roger was bewitched to see her elegance and instantly fell in love with her. He portrayed her that she was the most beautiful lady. She is an elegant mistress of him. He instantly moved his mind to help the widow and discarded the words of the attester and the advocate. 

Preparation for proposal: After days, his companions told him that she might respond to his love. Hearing this, he became very happy. He was determined to talk with her and to share his feeling of love. He presented himself as a handsome man with a beautiful dress and went to her. 

Vain proposal: When he proposed to the widow, she refused the proposal. The widow was very clever. She possessed proficiency and sound judgment, which she used to overthrow the most brilliant men. She secretly enjoyed being idolized by others, but she always maintained her distance. She betrayed Sir Roger. 

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Conclusion: Thus, he became disappointed in love. The writer wanted to show us the hypocrisy of females in the story.

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