Isabella’s appeal to Angelo for mercy in Measure for Measure


Isabella is one of the prominent characters in the drama “Measure for Measure” created by the father of English drama William Shakespeare (1564-1616).   From the very beginning to the end of the drama she played a vital role in the drama.  Isabella is the proper embodiment of virtue and morality. She appeals to Angelo for mercy when her brother Claudio heard the death sentence from Angelo because he made an illicit relationship with Juliet and makes her pregnant.  

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The way of Isabella appeal to Angelo for mercy: 

Isabella, the sister of Claudio pleads for mercy for her brother to Angelo and suggests that Angelo should condemn her brother’s guilt but not her brother. she also says all human souls, are created by God and she requests him to show mercy to criminals.  She also says Angelo should enforce the revived laws slowly. She argues according to the Christian religion forgiveness is a virtue. She argues that A man may have the power of a monster, but it is tyrannical for him to use that power like a monster. But Angelo does not pay heed to Isabella’s plead. But he offers her that if she willingly sleeps with Angelo and gives her virginity, he will pardon Claudio. Isabella refuges his proposal and tries to rescue her brother’s life in a legal way. Finally, Isabella is able to free her brother with the help kind-hearted duke of Vienna.  

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From Isabella’s appeal to Angelo for mercy, we can say that justice and mercy must come if we try our best though sometimes it may delay. 

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