Isabella’s charges against Angelo in Measure for Measure


Measure for Measure is patronizing the evil nature of human beings. But here the hero and the heroine are the representation of the good side of human beings. They are trying to rectify society. As heroine Isabella is the proper embodiment of virtue and morality. She charges Angelo to the duke to expose Angelo’s evil nature. 

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Isabella’s charges against Angelo: 

  In the drama, we see that the Duke of Vienna is observing everything happen in his stale in disguise. He knows everything about Claudio’s case. observing all Duke decides to disclose his disguise and resume his authority over the state. He sends necessary instructions to Angelo and Escalus. Besides he plans with Isabella and Mariana and advised them to bring charges against Angelo publicly. The charge is that Angelo had sex with a virgin lady promising to pardon the life of the maiden’s brother. But he failed to fulfill his promise.     

According to the previous announcement, when the duke arrives at the city gate, he is greeted by all the lords including Angelo and Escalus. Here Isabella brings a charge against Angelo and begs justice from the duke. When the Duke asks her to explain her grievances, Isabella brings a regular charge sheet against Angelo. She describes Angelo as having ruined her chastity. She complains that Angelo promised her if she surrenders her virginity to him, he will forgive his brother Claudio. But he failed to do so. She describes Angelo as a murderer, a secret adulterer, a hypocrite and as a seducer of virgins. The duke pretends not to believe Isabella’s allegations against Angelo and says that this woman seems to be mad. Of course, the Duke had forewarned Isabella that he would pretend not to believe the charges that she would bring against Angelo. Finally, everything discloses and Angelo gets punishment for his misdeed.  


From the light of the above discussion, we can say that if the ruler is kindhearted and responsible to his countrymen nobody will deprive of their legal rights. 

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