How does Jamila act as a threat to Majeed

Jamila is Majeed’s second wife in the Novel “Tree without roots.” As we know that Majeed is the central character and a character of evil quality in the novel, Jamila is one of the victims of Majeed, and the process is marriage. She is a victim of Majeed’s sexual greediness. The interesting thing is Jamila thought Majeed and her 1st wife as her bridegroom’s father and mother, but the scenario is different. Her poor father was bound to hand over Jamila to Majeed without any word. Jamila seems to be soft and adolescent during her marriage. She treats Rahima as her mother. 

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After the marriage of Jamila, we get the actual behavioristic picture which is threatening. For example, we can refer to daily prayer. Majeed forces her to say the prayers regularly, but she doesn’t obey. When Majeed made her sit on the prayer mat, she fell asleep on the mat. Even she never joins the chanting zikir. She usually leaves the zikir and goes outside the house to keep working on her beauty with a mirror comb. Majeed does not tolerate such behavior. So, he plans to do physical torture to make her obedient. But Jamila is unstoppable. She shows her revolutionary attitude by throwing spit in the face of Majeed. So, we find Jamila’s almost all activities to be a threat to Majeed.  

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