Key facts of the novel Oliver Twist

Key facts of the novel Oliver Twist

Author: Charles Dickens

Full Title:  Oliver Twist: The Parish Boy’s Progress

Genre:  Detective story or novel of social protest

Time of composition: 1837

Published date: 1837

Narrator:  Anonymous narrator

Point Of View: Third person omniscient

Time Setting: 1830s, industrial revolution of England.

Place Setting: London and fictional town named Mudfog; the English countryside.

Duration of the plot: Most probably 15 years but mainly three years

Chapters: There are 14 chapters in the novel.

Protagonist:  Oliver Twist

Major Conflict: Although Oliver is righteous, the social environment in which he has been raised encourages theft and prostitution. Oliver fights to gain his identity and to rise above the humiliating conditions of the lower classes.

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