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The poem “Man” by Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976) centers around the idea that human beings or “Man” are the most important creation of God. Again Kazi Nazrul Islam gives priority to men above everything else. This statement carries several significant meanings and implications that can be discussed in a broader sense.

1. Superiority of human beings:

This statement implies that human beings are superior to all other creations on Earth. This means that they have a higher status and worth than animals, plants, and even natural elements like the sun, moon, and stars. This idea of superiority is emphasized through the repetition of the phrase “Man is above” throughout the poem. Again Nazrul says,

” Man comes first,

And there is nothing nobler than him”

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2. Human dignity and value:

The statement also highlights the dignity and value of human beings. It suggests that every human being is valuable and important, regardless of their race, gender, or social status. This is reflected in the lines, “Man is the glory of the world” and “Man is the masterpiece of God.” The poem asserts that every human being deserves respect and honor because they are the most precious creation of God. There should be no discrimination.

3. Responsibility and accountability:

The statement implies that human beings have a great responsibility towards themselves and the world they inhabit. They are accountable for their actions and must use their superior position to serve others and make the world a better place. 

Nazrul fights against religious hypocrisy both of Hindus and Muslims. He illiterates their sinful deed, 

The Mollahs and the Priests

Have closed their doors under lock and keys?

4. Sense of equality and humanity:

Nazrul expresses his sense of equality and humanity throughout his poetry ‘Man’. He Criticized the Mollahs who locked the door of the mosque taking bread and meat. But the person who is hungry doesn’t get food. Even the Mollahs never show sympathy towards him. So Nazrul asked questions,

Who can lock up God’s House?

Who can put its door under seal?

5. The real identity: 

Human beings have only identity in accordance with Nazrul and that is Human. He doesn’t separate human beings from the tag of religion. Nazrul explores that Man will be known not by his religion but by his real identity and that is Human.


In conclusion, the statement “Man is above everything else” in the poem “Man” by Kazi Nazrul Islam carries significant meaning. It suggests that human beings are superior to anything else. This idea of human beings as the most important creation of God has been a recurring theme in literature and philosophy throughout history, and it continues to inspire and challenge us today.

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