Discuss the moving power of poetry

Moving power in Art: Moving power of any art is the power of attraction to the readers. It applies the attention of the readers and fulfills their basic needs. Upon this moving power the ultimate success of art depends. 

Moving power in Poetry: In “An Apology for Poetry” Sir Philip Sidney (1554-1586) reveals the moving power of poetry in an artistic way. To defend poetry from the naked criticism of Stephen Gosson(1554-1624) Sidney remarks on the iconic moving power of poetry. Actually poetry is able to attract the heart of the readers by its excellence. This is the moving power of poetry by Sir Philip Sidney. 

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Imitation of Aristotle: To prove poetry as a moving power he remarks from Aristotle’s Poetics. Poetry is an art of imitation. It is the monarch of all branches of knowledge. The poet not only shows the way but lends such charm to the way as will attract any man to follow it. This power of attracting or charming the heart of the reader is known as the moving power of poetry. 

Contrast between poetry and Philosophy: Here Sidney quotes from History and Philosophy. Philosophy is a subject full of definitions, divisions and arguments. Only those will be able to learn it who are already learned. But the poet, like the philosopher, does not begin with abstract and difficult matters.

Excellence of Poet and Poetry:  The poet does not recount the memory with doubts and dilemmas. He offers to the reader words which have been put together in a pleasing proportion. The poet’s words are accompanied with harmony and music. The aim of the poet is to win the mind of the readers from wickedness to virtue by offering to him all the attractions at his command. In the past people felt delighted to hear the tales of Hercules. Thus the poet accomplishes two ends-to give pleasure and lesson.

To conclude, we can say that this moving power of poetry works very satisfactorily upon the readers.

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