How does Mrs Clandon express her cynical attitude to love

Question: How does Mrs. Clandon express her cynical attitude to love?


Mrs. Clandon is a feminist and pioneer of the Women’s Movement in the Victorian period. She has a cynical attitude to love because of her unsuitable conjugal life with her husband, Mr. Crampton. Their conjugal life had full of unhappiness because of their lack of mutual understanding.

Mrs. Clandon’s Attitude to love

When Mrs. Clandon knows that Valentine and her daughter, Gloria falls in love with each other and Gloria appears to like Valentine’s kissing on her lips, she tells Valentine that

“I married before I was old enough to know what I was doing…………. So you see, though I am a marriage woman, I have never been in love and what I have seen of the love affairs of other people has not led me to regret that deficiency in my experience.”

So we can say that though she has been a married woman, she has never known love and she has never tasted love in her life. Her personal experience of other women’s love expresses that marriage makes women unhappy and Snatches their freedom.

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Love for conjugal life

Mrs. Clandon’s marriage life seems to have been hell. She believes that duty, obedience, affection, morality, and religion are detestable tyrannies and life is vulgar around punishment. For this mentality, the result is a judicial separation between husband and wife. So we can notice that she expresses a cynical attitude to conjugal love.


In termination, we can say that since Mrs. Clandon has lost happiness in marriage life, she has become an atheist of romantic love that is why she expresses her mocking attitude to love.

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