How was the nature of the inhabitants of Laputa?

How was the nature of the inhabitants of Laputa?

Introduction: Jonathan Swift (1667 –1745) is the most well-known satirist in the history of English literature. His masterpiece “Gulliver’s Travels” is a satire on politics and social systems

Odd statur: Laputa was a flying island that was above one hundred yards from the ground. After landing on the island Gulliver was surrounded by people who looked at him with a feeling of wonder. Regarding shapes and faces these people were very strange. In a word, they were odd-looking having heads inclined at an angle. Their one eye had turned inwards and another turned to the zenith. 

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Odd garments: Their garments were adorned with the shapes of celestial bodies, geometric figures, and musical instruments. 

Dependent on servants: He observed that many of the people of that land were followed by flappers or servants who carried in their hands a blown or bladder fastened to the end of a short stick. The duty of those servants was to draw the attention of their masters to anything that might need their attention. The masters of those flappers were so occupied with intense speculations that they could neither speak nor listen to others without being roused by any external action. A servant had to strike the face or ear of his master according to the situation. 

When Gulliver was brought before the King he had to wait for an hour because of the speculative nature of the King.

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Conclusion: By the description of the inhabitants of Laputa, Swift actually tries to show the present things of his contemporary trends.

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