How does Nazrul express his non-communal ideas in his poetry of Samyabad


Kazi Nazrul Islam (1899-1976), was the rebel poet of Bengal and the national poet of Bangladesh. Samyabadi is one of the greatest works of Nazrul where he expresses his non-sectarian ideas to establish Hindu-Muslim unity.  

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Nazrul’s way of expressing non-communal ideas:   

Man is the main theme of Nazrul’s writings. He placed man above all else. It is clear from his completely human-centered writing that his religion was also human. He was not a devotee of any particular religion. He loved all people equally with the generosity of his heart irrespective of any country, caste, caste, or religion. In fact, Nazrul valued people and their religion very highly throughout his life. He always sought the welfare of his society. He realized that communalism must be eradicated to establish true freedom and humanist ideals in India. He felt that it is impossible to be free from British rule without solving Hindu-Muslim communal hostility. So, he called all the people and native leaders of India to work together to regain their previous prestige and freedom. Friendship must be established between Hindus and Muslims. He was always against communalism and was an ardent and vocal campaigner against it.  

He used Allah, God, mosque, temple, and church side by side in his songs and poems to promote harmony between Hindus and Muslims. He also presented Mohammad, Krishna, Khaled, and Arjun in his literary work. According to him, holy books like Quran, Bible, Vedas, Zendavesta, etc. are written for mankind but secular awareness is bigger than any holy book. Thus, Nazrul’s presentation of non-sectarian ideas gives fuel to Hindu Muslims in the freedom struggle against British rule. 


In fact, Nazrul Islam was a humanitarian, patriotic and non-sectarian poet. By expressing non-communal ideas Nazrul wanted to establish a society where equality justice and humanity guaranteed. 

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