Nelson Mandela as a political leader

Nelson Mandela as a political leader

Question: Discuss Nelson Mandela’s contribution to establishing democracy in South Africa.

Or, discuss Nelson Mandela as a political leader.

Discuss the role of Mandela as a freedom fighter.


Nelson Mandela (1918-2013) is an unforgettable black leader of South Africa who was the president of the country from 1994 to1999. He devotes his life to the rights of black people and white people at the same time since he is an advocate for democracy. In his autobiographical essay “Long Walk to Freedom”, he has written all the facts of his unbearable tolerance in the way of democracy.

National Unity

Leadership is not an inborn quality. For gaining leadership, one has to work hard. Nelson Mandela has to work for the people of his country. He was also a common man in his life before he could realize the problems of the black community of his country.  The African people were divided into two parts and there was no unity in the black community too. It seemed to him that the citizens were in such a condition that was miles away from each other. Mandela in his autobiographical essay “A Long Walk to Freedom” represents that national unity is a must for removing autocracy from the history of a nation. It is in his own tongue;

“Man’s goodness is a flame that can be hidden but never extinguished”

Creating leaders

The most significant contribution of Mandela as a democratic leader is that he is not only a leader but also a maker of leaders. As it is known to all that none can live forever, a production process is a must for preserving democracy and freedom. An absence of good leaders results in autocracy that a country has to face bitterly and a long struggle can only remove this. So, Mandela in his inaugural presidential program asserts in front of the VIP guests of the whole world that his country will never suffer from leadership from today.

“The brave is not he who does not feel fear but, he who conquers that fear.”

Such encouraging speech actually provides the whole nation quality of leadership and today South Africa is a country of good governance and actual freedom.

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The sacrificial mentality for national interest is a good emblem of a good leader. Nelson Mandela crosses the levels of sacrifice as he has spent most of his time in jail. He claims that he was not a brave man but national sufferings made him brave.

“It was this desire for the freedom of my people to their lives with dignity and self-respect that animated my life and transferred a frightened young man into a bold one.”

The above lines are the strong reason to involve himself in the long struggle of his country. When national interest roots in a person, he becomes a leader of people avoiding all kinds of personal interest. So, Mandela as a mass leader teaches his nation to be sacrificial for the nation that will bring sustainable democracy.

Struggle against apartheid

As a political leader, the most remarkable aspect of Mandela’s autobiographical essay  “A Long Walk to Freedom” is his long struggle against national discrimination from 1942 to the inaugural ceremony. He first of all personally understands the inequality between black and white but very soon feels that it was not a personal problem but a national problem. The racial difference started after the Anglo- Boer Wars. The apartheid struggle in South Africa became acute after Mandela had joined ANC in 1943. The unforgettable leader of ANC Nelson Mandela was arrested several times and he was sent to Robben Island because of a sabotage campaign in 1962 against the government. He got freed and became a presidential candidate in the first democratic election of South Africa and was also elected as the first black president. In the inaugural ceremony, Mandela relates that his nation has been freed forever and there will be no discrimination at all.

“Today, all of us do, by our presence here……confer glory and hope to newborn liberty.”


There would be thousands of stories in the history of the world, yet a new story keeps adding up. Nelson Mandela’s “Long Walk to Freedom” is an evergreen new story for the people of the world to revive courage and conviction of hope. He can be compared with Abraham Lincoln as a mass leader and leader of the independent movement of the whole world.

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