Write a critical note on the British East India Company.

Introduction: Edmund Burke’s (1729-1797) speech on the “East India Bill” (1783) is considered the Magna Carta of Hindustan. This speech was immense and had massive intentions. From the speech, we can get a clear picture of the East India Bill. These have been discussed below.

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Criticizing abuse of power: In the East India Bill, burke has been shown that the British ruler has abused their power. The British governor misled the army to rule India. Autocracy, repression, atrocity, corruption, greed, etc. characterized the Company’s abuse of power in India. Once the Company accused two old women in the remotest corner of India of being engaged in rebellion in order to extract money from them. The natives of India were ruined by the hypocrisy of the Company. The first women in Bengal such as the Rani of Rajshahi, the Rani of Burdwan, and the Rani of Amboa, were ruined by their thoughtless trust in the Company’s honor and protection. Rajah Nundcomar was hanged in the face of his people for a pretended crime as a consequence of providing evidence against Hastings.

Mention the oppression of India: In his speech “East India Bill” Edmund Burke has been mentioned the tyranny and inhuman behavior of the company towards the Indian people. Warren Hastings was the governor-general of the company who was so brutal that impeachment was brought on him for his cruel and brutal activity.

Ensuring the human rights of Indian people: Edmund Burke demolished the sufferings and oppression of the Indian people with his East India Bill because this bill helped to ensure the human rights of the Indian People.

Safety and protection for Indian people: The speech of the East India Bill was so influential that the British parliament had taken over the company’s power and a charter was established named the “Government act on India”. British Government in India should be reformed after the East India Bill. Edmund Burke wanted to ensure the Indian people’s safety and protection.

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A message for the British parliament: The most important purpose was to warn the British Government about Imperialism. This bill worked as a message for the British parliament. Burk realized that if the company’s domination was carried in such a way so British Imperialism would demolish very soon from India.

Conclusion: In fine, we can conclude that Burke’s Speech on the East India Bill out and out points out the oppression of the East India Company on the Indian people.

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