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Of the Club or The Spectator Club is an essay written by Sir Richard Steele. In this essay, he mainly highlights a club of that time. What kind of people used to come to this club, How is their behavior, what qualities do they have, is described in this essay. Originally six members of this club were identified by Sir Richard Steele. So now let’s know about those six members.

Members of The Spectator Club

  • Sir Roger de Coverley
  • Templar
  • Sir Andrew Freeport
  • Captain Sentry
  • Will Honeycomb
  • Clergyman

Sir Roger de Coverley

He was a very gentle man. His manners were very good and he had good sense. He once fell in love with a widow. But that widow was a bit wicked. She rejected Roger’s love. Due to which he is depressed for almost one and a half years of being rejected in love. However, he came out of his depression with great difficulty. And because of being rejected in love, he does not marry again and keeps himself single. This was the love of his youth. Now he is 56 years old. Before falling in love, he was a very handsome and gentle man. He is now a complete mess due to failure in love. He is now very careless about his wardrobe. He has two houses and the houses are in two different cities. He is a good natured person. So everyone loves him a lot. He is a Justice of the Quorum and discharges his duties with great efficiency.


Another important member of this club is the Templar. He is single and a member of the Inner-Temple. He is an honest and wise man. He studied law against his will as per his father. But his favorite subject was art. He is a self-educated person. He also studied custom, manners, action and ancient writing. He is also a good critic. He used to criticize the drama of the time. If he gave a performance it would be loved by all and the audience would come in droves to watch it.

Sir Andrew Freeport:

He is a successful businessman in London. He is very hardworking and as a result of his hard work he is now well-known as a successful businessman. His business concept is different from others which made him so successful. According to him, if anyone adopts his strategy, he will be successful like him and he also says that if everyone can be successful in business like him, then the city of London will be economically ahead of all the cities of the world.

The Courageous Captain Sentry:

He is another important person in this club. He is a soldier by profession. He is a very brave and good minded man. He served as a captain in the army for several years. He is very fastidious about some adventure in his soldier life. He had a house of his own and he is the heir of Sir Roger’s assets.

The Gallant Will Honeycomb:

Like the rest, he is an important member of the club. He is basically a womanizer. Girls would fall in love with him in an instant. He used to wear very long and beautifully refined clothes. According to him, he can impress any girl in an instant. His conversational style is very nice and polite. Everyone calls him Gentleman.

The Pious Clergyman:

He is the last member of this club. He is a priest by profession. He is usually the last to join meetings. His health is not in large quantities but he always remains sick. Due to which he could not perform very well in his profession.

Originally these six people are the members of the Spectator Club. All of them are good in their respective qualities. All of them are well known and respected by people. Richard Steele published this essay mainly by highlighting their characteristics.

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