Describe the fight in which Orlando defeated Charles

Introduction: ‘‘As You Like It’’ (1600) is one of the finest tragi-comedies or romantic comedies of William Shakespeare (1564-1616). He is called the father of tragi-comedy. The wrestling competition has a key position in the development of the play.

The way Orlando defeats Charles:

Oliver provoked Charles into killing Orlando in a wrestling match. Being persuaded by Oliver to kill Orlando, Charles promises that after his fight, Orlando will not be able to walk without help and if not, Charles will give up his profession.

When the wrestling competition is going to take place, Duke Frederick thinks that Charles will defeat Orlando in the match. Because he is not skilled as Charles, who is a professional wrestler. Frederick tells Rosalind and Celia to dissuade Orlando from wrestling. Rosalind and Celia try to convince him not to fight Charles. But Orlando respectfully tells them that he is determined to fight the challenge. So, he cannot consent to the request of the beautiful ladies. Instead, he wants the support of their lovely eyes and good wishes.

He also informed them that if he dies there is no one to mourn his death and wil,l be no harm to anyone. A more qualified person will replace his place. He adds, he is a person, who was never praised, if he is defeated it will not harmful to others. He wants to die all time. Finally, the game begins. At one point in the contest, Orlando hit Charles and within minutes Charles was knocked out and defeated.

Conclusion: Finally, it is proved that Orland is a brave hero and a polite man. He may explode to the point of discouragement.

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