How does Rosalind want to cure Orlando of his love

Introduction: ‘‘As You Like It’’ (1600) is of the fantastic romantic comedies of William Shakespeare (1564-1616).  In the play, Rosalind tries to check Orlando’s love for her and wants to teach him how to be a better, more devoted lover.

The way Rosalind cures Orlando’s love:

Rosalind is the daughter of duke senior and the heroine of the play. In the forest of Arden, she encounters Orlando in disguise named Ganymede. she is a multi-talented woman. She exposes Various talents in disguise. She can learn about the poems hanging upon the tree branches from Celia that they were written by Orlando, the person of her dreams. She is delighted and Orlando is in this forest. At a time come, Orlando meets Rosalind and informs Ganymede, actually Rosalind that he has a love disease. Hearing it Rosalind creates a love of playful intrigue and plays the role of doctor to cure Orlando’s love disease. Through this game, she wants to test Orlando’s depth of love for her. She says to him that she can solve the problem of love. That will be clear in the dialogue:

‘‘Come, woo me, woo me; for now, I am in a holiday humour and like enough to consent.’’

With quick thought and action, she takes advantage of the situation and asks Orlando about his love and feels enjoyment hearing the praise herself. Besides, she cleverly tells him to imagine that Ganymede is Rosalind to practice wooing her. Through this game, Rosalind wants to please herself, but she tries to believe Orlando that it will be a cure for his lovesickness. Thus, The way Rosalind cures Orlando’s love. 

Conclusion: From the above discussion, we can say that though Rosalind’s love-healing offer to Orlando is a playful strategy, it is an essential part of the play. It is a part of love and a way of understanding each other appropriately.

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