How does Oroonoko Fall in love with Imoinda?

How does Oroonoko Fall in love with Imoinda?

Introduction: Oroonoko and Imoinda’s love is the best paradigm of real and passionate love. When they see each other, they fall in love constantly and express feeling from their heart.

Gratefulness: Oroonoko is the only heir of the King of Coramantien. When Oroonoko was fighting by his side with the general an arrow was shot aiming at Oroonoko. The general bowed his head to receive the arrow in his own body in order to save the prince. After the death of the general, Oroonoko had been promoted to the position and returned to his grandfather’s court. In the court, Oroonoko meets the previous general’s daughter Imoinda. So, we can say that he has a responsibility for Imoinda.

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Love at first Sight: We can notice that the fall in love between Oroonoko and Imoinda is similar to Shakespearian term “Love at first sight”. As Oroonoko falls in love with Imoinda at first sight and on the other hand, Imoinda falls in love with Oroonoko at first sight.

Romantic Expression of love: After fall in love, they instantly decide to marry and Oroonoko promise from his heart that he will not marry anyone else and he will never take another wife, though he has permission to take many wives. He also promises to her that in old age, when her beauty will be ruined, he will not leave her.

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Conclusion: At last, we can say that their love is pure because Imoinda sacrifices her life for her beloved and to remove the slavery system from society.

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