Question: What is Pantheism?


Pantheism is a philosophical view that the world is either identical to God or an expression of God’s Nature. To put it differently, God lives in nature or nature is God that is called pantheism.

The etymology of Pantheism

The term “Pantheism” comes from two Greek words “pan” and “theism”. Pan means all or everything and theism stands for belief in God. So pantheism means God is everything and everything is God.

According to the Oxford Dictionary, pantheism is the belief that God is present in all-natural things.

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Inaugurator of Pantheism

William Wordsworth is the Inaugurator of Pantheism. His natural philosophy has somethings similarities or common with pantheistic philosophy. He believes that God exists in nature which means God in nature or nature is God. His poems deal with his personal experience of nature that expresses his spiritual attitude to nature. The poem “Tintern Abbey” shows Wordsworth’s Philosophy that God lives in all objects of nature and in the heart of man. His love for nature is intimate and spiritual that is why he is called a pantheist.


So we can say that pantheism is a philosophical doctrine that means God is everything and everything is God.

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