Pastoral elements in the poems of Robert Frost

Pastoralism is a term of literature that contrasts simple and complicated life. Robert Frost (1874-1963) is a pastoral poet, but he has not followed the conventions and traditions of pastoral poetry. He has invented his own methods of composing pastoral poetry and has been successful in doing so. As a result of his invention, he has become a rustic and modern poet simultaneously.  

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We find realistic pastoralism in Frost’s poetry. Rustic elements are masterful or predominant in his poems, but the readers should not be confused about them. We should know those rustic elements are prevalent. Frost is realistic in his poetic vision and sensibility.  

Pastoralism is usually connected with romantic vision. The commonplace objects and scenery are idealized, glorified, and tinged with imagination. Though Frost has a strong passion for pastoralism, realism forms the basis of vision and art because his poetry is loaded with subjectivity. Frost’s romantic vision has made him classic in forms and interpretations of life based on genuine interests.  

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We cannot call Frost an outdated poet though we find a predominance of rustic elements in Frost’s poetry. The modern features are also predominant in his poetry. He shows an intense devotion and keen interest in rural life, but he also offers a great passion and interest in modern elements. His works include the nostalgia that is a pastoral pleasure. He also explores the dreadful aspects of man’s existence in the contemporary world. So, he is equally successful in treating rustic and modern elements.  

To conclude, Frost is a pastoral poet with a difference as he has adopted a pastoral setting only to differentiate between simplicity and complexity.  

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