Peculiarities about Laura

Question: What is “peculiar” about Laura?


In scene 5 of the play, when Tom and Amanda are gossiping on the fire escape, Tom says to his mother that he has found a gentleman caller for Laura. By hearing this, Amanda feels exciting. Though she has faith in Laura, Tom has his doubts. He calls Laura “peculiar”. Let’s find out what is “peculiar” in Laura’s character.

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Laura is a kind of introverted person. She likes to keep herself busy with the glass menagerie and the phonograph that her father left. In their conversation, Tom says to Amanda-

“She lives in a world of her own- a world of little glass ornaments, Mother… She plays old phonograph…”

Inferiority complex

Tom thinks that all the peculiarities of Laura produce from her inferiority complex. As she is crippled, she feels weak and dependable. Amanda admitted Laura at Rubicam’s Business College to secure her future but Laura stopped going to class long ago. She did so because of her inferiority complex and fear of the typewriter’s speedy typing test.

Lives in an extreme fantasy world

Another thing that peculiar about Laura is that she lives in world of fantasy created by herself. It is the most complex peculiarity of Laura. As, the glass menagerie, this fantasy world is so delicate. As direct contact with the reality of the world intimidates to break Laura’s dreams, much as the bit of any solid article will pop a soap bubble, she is frightened of any interaction with the real world. As Tom says-

“She’s terribly shy and lives in a world of her own and those things make her seem a little peculiar to people outside the house.”

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So, we can say that the peculiarity of Laura is the reason behind her bad fortune. Besides, being a cripple, she is so shy, nervous, and subtle, and these things make her weaker to face the real world.

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