Question: Write a note on Pre-Raphaelitism.


In the 19th century when people were busy inventing new things and wanted to establish urbanization, they invented a new literary trend that is called Pre-Raphaelitism. According to critics, Raphaelitism means a technique which gives simplicity and naturalness in art and literature through the technique of Raphaelite.

The origin of Pre-Raphaelitism

The name Pre-Raphaelitism had come from the great Italian poet Raphael who was an icon of art and culture during the Italian Renaissance in the 14th century.

The conception of Pre-Raphaelitism

Pre-Raphaelitism expresses the idea of Victorian thinking. Artistic sincerity and love for beauty were the main aspects of their literary works that is why nature, art, painting, and literature made them romantic. The dominating features of Pre-Raphaelitism are love for nature, pictorial quality, complex mentality, hopes and aspirations, reserved mind, abnormal mentality, sympathy etc. The victorian compromise was the major concern of the Victorian period.

Contribution of some poets

This movement was operated by a bunch of poets like D.G. Rossetti who was the founder of Pre-Raphaelitism, C.G. Rossetti, and William Morris Swinburne. D.G. Rossetti. They were very successful poets and the themes of their poetry were love and beauty.

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At last, we can say that Pre-Raphaelitism is the literary movement that removed sophistication and brought a great positive change in the history of English literature but their works had the absence of a universal vision of life.

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