The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales Important Brief

Topic: The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales

What is a prologue?

A prologue is a piece of writing found at the beginning of a literary work, before the first chapter.

What is Canterbury?

Canterbury, a cathedral city in southeast England was a pilgrimage site in the Middle Ages.

What was the Friar’s name?


Why did the doctor of physic love gold?

Because gold is an ingredient in preparing certain medicines.

Name of the host?

Harry Bailey.

How many times did Bath marry?

Five times

Who was the sergeant at law?

He is a judge.

What is the function of a summoner?

The sergeant of low was a judge.

Where did the pilgrims assemble?

At Tabard Inn
How were the teeth of the wife of bath?

Gap toothed

The masterpiece of Chaucer?

The Canterbury tales

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How old was the squire?


How many battles did the Knight fight?


Who accomplished the prioress?

A nun

How did the clerk of oxford look?

Lean and serious

What was the Friar’s name?


What was the name of the Prioress?

Madame Eglantine

Which month is mentioned at the very beginning of the prologue?


Who is the father of the squire?

The Knight

How was the Yeoman dressed?

Clad at coat and hood of green

What was the occupation of the wife of Bath?

An expert in weaving cloth.

What was the name of the sailor’s ship?

A manager and accountant of a lord.

Who was Cato?

The Guildsmen in The Canterbury Tales: Haberdasher, Carpenter, Weaver, Dyer & Tapestry Maker.

What is the largest Tale in The General Prologue to the Canterbury Tales?

Roman statesman and historian

What is a beast fable?

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