Role of Horatio in Hamlet

Horatio is a character in the play, “Hamlet” by William Shakespeare (1564-1616). He is a steadfast, calm, and sensible character. He is a loyal and trustworthy friend to Hamlet. He tells the story of the royal court to the Fortinbras. 

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A scholar 

Horatio plays a role as a scholar in “Hamlet”. When the guards see the Ghost of Old Hamlet, they call Horatio. They think that Horatio can manage the Ghost. By this, the audience can understand that Horatio is a knowledgeable person. 

An observer 

Horatio plays a role of an observer in the tragedy. In the “Mousetrap” plot, he observes the current king Claudius as Hamlet instructs him to do. He takes it very seriously and performs his duty as if he were a thief. 

A realistic character 

Horatio is a realistic character in the play “Hamlet”. The audience comes to know this at the end of the tragedy. When Claudius and Laertes make a plot against Hamlet to kill him in a sword duel, Horatio forbids him to accept the challenge. He knows that Laertes is better than Hamlet in sword practice. 

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A loyal friend 

Horatio is Hamlet’s loyal college friend and loves Hamlet so much. When Hamlet is going to die, Horatio wants to kill himself. Horatio cannot endure his bosom friend’s death. But Hamlet tells him not to do so until his name is clear. He keeps Hamlet’s last word. 

To sum up, Horatio is the most honest character in the tragedy. As a realistic character, he fascinatingly fulfills his duty. 

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