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Nature plays a vital role in the novel “Tree Without Roots.” In the initial part of this novel, we get a details picture of a few villages, including Mahabbatpur. The novel starts in the land of Noakhali, where food and livelihood crises are regular neighbors of the people. And the main reason is flooding. Because of floods, crops are mostly gone down, and people cannot harvest enough for them. Even there is no school or college in those villages. The educational institution is a luxury where people starve.  

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 In these circumstances, Majeed comes to a village named Mahabbatpur. Mahabbatpur is such a village where people are completely illiterate and Superstitious. They are fond of religious things but not on the right path. They have minimal knowledge of religion. Memorizing Al Quran is the only trend in that village. So, all this natural setup of that village helps Majeed to execute his plan and business. Even storms also allow him to vanish the old man and his 2nd wife as they were the obstacles to his path.  So, we can comment that nature plays an essential role in the novel to execute his religious business.

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