Shaw’s philosophy of life force concerning You Never Can Tell


“You Never Can Tell” is one of the best paradigms of Victorian drama Witten by GB Shaw (1856-1950). This play bears some important messages for people and society. 

Uncertainty of the future 

Uncertainty of the future is the most important message of the play. From the title, we get this message that we never can tell what will happen in the future. Here, Mr. Crampton does not know that he will meet his Children and family. On the other hand, Valentine also nothing knows what will happen at the lunch party at the Marine Hotel. So, the waiter, Walter Boon, tells Mr. Crampton about the mystery of life, 

“It’s the unexpected that always happens, isn’t it? You never can tell, sir: you never can tell.” 

Love crosses ideology 

We can notice that Mrs. Clandon teaches her children her own ideas and morality. She tries to make Gloria a lady who has no interest in love and marriage but she fails because Gloria disobeys her mother’s advice and loves Valentine, old fashioned person. Here the message of the drama is that young men and women at the point of marrying regard marriage as a source of dread but after all, marriage is not as unhappy and uncomfortable as they think. 

Family means mutuality 

Family is the source of happiness and pleasure. But in the play, Shaw displays a family which lacks mutuality. Misunderstanding is the prime culprit of the cynical relationship of family life. Everyone needs a family which means mutuality because mutuality increases happiness and pleasure among family members. 

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Genetically facts about the reaction 

Genetically fact is one of the messages of the play. When Mr. Crampton, unfortunately, meets with his family member at the lunch party, his children treat him as a stranger. He speaks Gloria, he expects his children “Duty, affection, respect, obedience!”. Then she replied 

“I obey nothing but my sense of what is right. I respect nothing that is not noble. That is my duty. …………………quite know what affection means.” 

So, we notice that genetic facts impact human psychology. 


To sum up, we can say that, this play has practicality and messages in our real life. 

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