Short Note on Helen Burns in Lowood School

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Helen Burns in Lowood School

Helen Burns is a significant character in Charlotte Brontë’s classic novel, “Jane Eyre.” She plays a necessary role in Jane’s life at Lowood School. Helen Burns is Jane’s first friend at the school, and her character is marked by her unwavering purity, resilience, and profound impact on Jane’s development. Helen is described as a quiet, gentle, and highly religious girl who endures the harsh conditions at Lowood School with remarkable patience. Despite the school’s authorities’ strict and often cruel treatment, Helen remains firm in her faith and principles. She is a source of inspiration for Jane, who is deeply moved by Helen’s ability to endure suffering and injustice without anger.

One of the most memorable aspects of Helen Burns is her belief in forgiveness and turning the other cheek, even in the face of cruelty. Her deep Christian faith influences her philosophy, and she encourages Jane to be patient and forgiving rather than succumbing to anger and resentment. Helen’s untimely death from consumption is a poignant moment in the story and serves as a stark reminder of the harsh realities of life during the Victorian era.