Short note on Oxford Movement

Short note on Oxford Movement

Question: Write a note on ‘Oxford Movement’


Oxford Movement was a religious movement. It started at Oxford with the prominent sermon on ”National Apostasy” of John Keble (1792–1866) in 1833. In the Victorian age, John Henry Cardinal Newman (1801-1890), a clergyman and eventually a convert to Roman Catholicism and a cardinal, led the movement.

The leaders of the movement

John Henry Newman, Richard Hurrell Froude (1803–1836), a clergyman; John Keble, a clergyman, and poet; and Edward Pusey (1800–1882), a clergyman and professor at Oxford are the main active leaders of the Oxford Movement.

Another name of the Oxford Movement

The movement’s view was known as Tractarianism after the series of publications of the ‘Tracts for the Times’. That was published from 1833 to 1841.

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The main aim of the Oxford Movement

The primary aim of this movement was to renew the spiritual in the Church of England by reviving the specific Roman Catholic doctrines and rituals that the Anglicans had left during the Protestant Reformation struggle.

The belief of the Oxford Movement followers

Oxford Movement followers’ belief can be illustrated through a sentence- ‘‘I believe in one Catholic and Apostolic Church.’’


To sum up, the movement was ended in 1845 by Newman’s entering into the Catholic church. Eventually. this movement impacts English literature greatly.

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