Short note on Sir Roger de Coverley

Short note on Sir Roger de Coverley

Question: Write a short note on Sir Roger de Coverley.


Richard Steele (1672-1729) is an Irish writer, playwright, and co-founder of the magazine ” The Spectator (a daily publication founded by Joseph Addison and Richard Steele in England lasting from 1711 to 1712). He is one of the literary genius in the field of prose. He has skillfully sketched the character of Sir Roger de Coverley. In the magazine ”The Spectator ” we find some characteristics features of the character Sir Roger de Coverley these are upheld below.

Strong family background

Sir Roger de Coverley is the first member of the Spectator’s Club. He is a gentleman of fifty-six of Worcestershire, a non-metropolitan country of England. He had a very strong family background for which he was called a baronet. So, we can say that he was a wealthy person.

Disappointed in Love

Sir Roger de Coverly was a person disappointed in love. In youth, he falls in love with a perverse widow. But he has been neglected by that widow.

Vagrant lifestyle

Being disappointed with the love he was habituated in vagrant life. He never took care of his dress. He seems the latest fashionable dress is the symbol of his disappointment. It is also noted that after being disappointed in love, Sir Roger de Coverley was sexually involved with a beggar and gypsy women. but his friends seemed that it was nothing but a friendly joke.

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Though Sir Roger de Coverley was a vagrant person, he was appeared a gentleman to his friend and all the young lady in England. He had a singular personality. He was very good in manner and behavior to others. Thus, he has been respected by others.

Lover of mankind

Sir Roger de Coverley is a great lover of mankind. He has a two-house in town and country. He did not take money from his tenants in time. For which, his tenants are grown rich and his servants are satisfied with him. All the young women loved him by his such type of generosity. He had a sound knowledge of the law. As a judge, he sat down in his local court.


In termination, we must be said that Sir Roger de Coverley is a vivid representation of the then England’s young man. Steele’s art of characterization is unique that is proved through the character Sir Roger de Coverley.

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