Short note on the British East India Company

Short note on the British East India Company

Question: Write a short note on the British East India Company?


There are many East India Company among them the British East India Company is a very much remarkable and influential name in the history of the Indian sub-continent and Britain that lasted from 1612 to 1858.

History of the British East India Company

The original charter was granted by Queen Elizabeth I on December 31,1600 under the title of ” The Governor and Company of Merchants of London Trading into the East Indies”. The company was granted a monopoly of trade in Asia, Africa, and America with the formal restriction.

Establishment of East India Company in India

The company had established its first factories and trading post in India during 1610-1611 in the provinces of Madras and Bombay.

Appearance as a merchant

The British East India Company were appeared in India as a merchant. They were fascinated with the massive wealth of India. At first, they are the ordinary merchant in the Indian sub-continent.

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Purpose of British East India Company

British East India Company is considered the King of Imperialism. They had a far-reaching purpose. At the first appearance, they were ordinary merchants but later on, we find them as the ruler of India. Their one and only purpose was to rule the Indian people and built the hill of wealth in their own country.

Rule of British East India Company

The British ruler was very bad. They do not have any consideration for the ruled. The mercantile policy and the revenue collection policy were so notorious that almost one-third of the people died as a result of the famine which triggered off resentment among the rest of the population.

Reduction of the company’s power

Hasting was the first governor-general of India. He was so impressive that he did not grapes his position short.  The British parliament has reduced the company’s power because of Hastings‘s mal-administration. And a new regulating act was formed to rule the Indian sub-continent.


The British East India Company had a great impact on the history of Bengali.  It is the symbol of oppression, tyranny, and injustice.

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